Alloy B Pipe/Tube, Flanges, Fittings

Chemical composition










Physical properties

Density9.24 g/cm3
Melting range1330-1380℃

Features: Alloy B has excellent resistance to reducing environments like sulfuric acid at moderate concentrations and other nonoxidizing acids. It also resists stress corrosion cracking induced by chlorides. Hastelloy B has poor resistance to oxidizing environments, therefore, it should not be used where ferric or cupric salts are present as these salts may cause rapid corrosion failure.

Applications: Equipment handling reducing chemical environments; and chemical process industry involving hydrochloric, sulfuric, phosphoric and acetic acids.

Note: Hastelloy is a registered trademark of Haynes International, Inc.

We have products:

ASTM B366 Alloy B / B-2 / B-3 Nickel Alloy 45 Degree Elbow; ASTM B564 Alloy B-3 / UNS N10675 Nickel Alloy Blind Flange; ASTM B677 / B829 Alloy 926 / UNS N08926 Nickel Alloy Seamless Pipe; ASTM B366 Alloy B / B-2 Nickel Alloy Blind Flange; ASTM B366 Alloy B / UNS N10001 Nickel Alloy Concentric Reducer Fitting; PN20-PN420 ASTM A564 Alloy B-2 / B-3 Nickel Alloy Weld Neck Flange; ASTM B333 Alloy B-2 / UNS N10665 Nickel Alloy Steel Sheet / Plate; Nickel Alloy Steel Round Bar, ASTM B335 Alloy B-2 / B-3;
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