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GH3030 high temperature alloy

GH3030 solid solution strengthening type high temperature alloy is the early development of ni - cr solid solution strengthening 20 80 type high temperature alloy, the chemical composition is simple, under 800 ℃ has satisfactory heat intensity and high plasticity, and has good oxidation resistance, thermal fatigue, cold stamping and welding performance. Alloy after solid solution treatment for single-phase austenitic, stability in use process organization. Main products are cold rolled sheet, also can supply the rod, ring, wire and tube products such as deformation. To be used for production work under 800 ℃ of turbine engine combustion chamber components and under 1100 ℃ antioxidant but other high temperature load is small parts. 

 GH3030 has strong thermal and cold properties, used to make all kinds of chemical equipment and related accessories
Chinese name GH3030 Material mark GH3030 (GH30) Similar brand 3-435,XH78T (Russia) The melting temperature range of 1374 ~ 1420 ℃

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Alloy 556 / UNS R30556 Nickel Alloy Seamless Pipe For Boiler; Alloy 188 / UNS R30188 Nickel Alloy Pipe / Tube Seamless Tube Wiht PED Certificate; High Temperature Alloy GH3030 GH30 XH78T Nickel Alloy Sheet/Plate;
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